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An Apostolate of Hope for the Sexually Addicted

(and their Loved ones who suffer)

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Mission Statement

The Serenellians are an apostolate established for the singular purpose of providing an organized means and resource with which to confront, address and counter the problems of impurity and moral corruption in our society today, a spiritual army to do battle against the insidious evil of pornography.


Serenellians work by means of ministry, prayer and communication with the objective of reaching out to the most hardhearted and suffering of humanity – those individuals addicted to pornography, along with their loved ones, for their salvation, conveying to them the boundless Mercy and Compassion of God.


Pornography, an insidious evil which has so run amok, unopposed and unchecked in our modern times, is now a multi-billion dollar a year enterprise in the United States alone.  It has now surpassed the legitimate Hollywood movie industry in gross income.  The pornography industry is a completely unregulated, black market culture whose victims include actors, distributors, wholesalers and consumers – these same people are our friends and coworkers, husbands, wives and most especially, our children.

As Catholics, we are all keenly aware of how seriously this evil has targeted the family, making significant inroads in its efforts to break up the family unit as created by Almighty God.  One of the most successful tools has been the propagation of immorality through pornography, supported and bolstered by sinful and alternate lifestyles, all of which are found flourishing today in complete contradiction to God’s Holy will.

Serious adverse consequences of involvement with pornography often times are deep and severe addiction.   These addictions have resulted in the destruction of individuals and families, corruption of innocent children, not to mention untold financial losses on the part of those involved.  It is in support of these addicts and their families that we wish to provide ministry, guidance and counsel.

There already exist many ministries, but none that specifically target pornography, particularly in the fashion of an organized and methodical Catholic campaign.
Such an organized spiritual and ministerial effort is sorely needed in these troubling times.

This is truly a very difficult and uncomfortable topic for so many people – one that most avoid ever broaching.  Most of society, sometimes even our own Catholic Church, is in denial when it comes to confronting pornography.  No one seems to know quite how to do it.  The lack of such an active apostolate speaks for itself.

An Apostolate for the Sexually Addicted - The Serenellians

In praying and meditating on this effort, I felt inspired by the story of St. Maria Goretti.
I was particularly drawn to the person of Alessandro Serenelli – the young man who murdered the 12-year old Maria Goretti in a fit of lust-filled rage.
I was touched by the story of his conversion.  His life’s example echoes that of so many men, husbands and fathers of today who find themselves lost and overwhelmed in the depths of impurity, immorality and depravity.  Yet each is capable of experiencing the same loving, merciful grace of God as did Alessandro. Our Lord is just waiting to reach down into the depths of their souls and lead them out of this foretaste of Hell in which they find themselves and into the light of conversion – if only there were organized and knowledgeable help available to them.

Alessandro Serenelli experienced, in body and in soul, the fullness of conversion – from the depths of Hell to the Kingdom of Heaven.  As such, I am convinced that Alessandro Serenelli was destined by God to be this role model of conversion from depravity to salvation – a man whose life’s example can serve as a light for so many suffering people today.

This is the purpose of our work – to establish a Catholic organization of religious and lay people, henceforth known as the Serenellians, dedicated to this specific ministry and service.

For more information about the Serenellians and support for those struggling with sexual addictions and their loved ones, please contact:

Paul Rasavage



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